• To offer a place to balance spiritual practice with physical work.
  • To promote farming practices that cherishes the planet and all life.
  • To provide natural organic food to sustain our community.
  • To educate people on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle for themselves and the planet.
Natural Organic Philosophy
Working Hard  
The principle is to work in harmony with all that nature provides. We focus on having rich and well-structured soil that provides all the necessary nutrients to the plants. That way, the vegetables that grow out of the garden are healthy and strong, and there is no need for pesticides or herbicides. All of this allows land to stay fertile and rich allowing the land to be used by future generations.
Cherishing Life
When working in the organic farm, please maintain a mind that cherishes life. This involves not killing insects and animals as well as minimizing the harm we cause plants as well. This is because while farming if we harm as little as possible and allow life to thrive, two things happen:
First our farm will support itself naturally; Second, when our cause is true, the effect will also be true, like the adage, “we reap what we sow,” so we will have a good harvest, thus allowing everyone to be nourished by the food of our labor.
Learning to Farm in a Natural Way
Other than learning in the field, there will be opportunities to take classes on natural organic farming as well as opportunities to visit other farms to learn from them.